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Dongwook KIm, 2018 IBS Art in Science

Writer : CCHF RegDate : 2019-01-14 Hit:585



김동욱 作, 《2018 IBS Art in Science 展》, Ⓒ IBS 분자활성 촉매반응 연구단




The Night I Count the Stars


Donwook Kim연구위원)

(Ceter for catalytic hydrocarbon functinalizations)



Diffraction pattern based on single crystal x-ray diffraction experiment.

Balance with aesthetic symmetry is one of the bueaty-in-nature. The diffraction regularity observed x-ray radiation into well-arranged and symmetric single crystal. The two-dimensional experimental result with spots is generated in specific crystallographic condition. Symmetrical arrangement of dispersed diffraction spots give us a sense of beauty like stars in the universe.